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Skill Level 


Equipment List

forest roads, simple single-trails, small steps, sporadic roots and stones, flat uphills

single-trails, interlocked roots, stones and rocks, sporadic bigger steps, small and sporadic switchbacks, small jumps and drops, short steep sections

In order to participate in our classes, workshops and tours, you will need the following equipment:

  • functional & serviced mountainbike (Hardtail, Allmountain, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill)

  • helmet

  • gloves

  • protectors

  • spare tube/repair kit

  • personal medication


In addition we recommend:


  • backpack

  • snacks/energy bars

  • water bottle

  • mobile phone

  • cash

  • ID

  • first-aid kit

  • rainjacket/windbraker

  • spare clothes

  • light/torch



  • pump

  • multi-tool

  • chain lock

  • brake pads

  • cable ties




single-trails, blocked terrain, difficult switchbacks, very steep sections, loose rocks, jumps up to 3 meters long and drops up to 1 meter high

Prices listed on this website are for members only.

Self employed guides offer these or similar programmes for non-members as well.

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