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You are looking for personal coaching, tailored to your wishes?

Our private guiding is for everyone wanting to get the most out of it.

You are the main focus of our guide, and the technical program and tips will lead to maximum success.

€ 64,- / hour

  • we recommend 2 hours minimum

  • 25€ for extra guests

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the Bike Park


You want to hit the bike park and roost some corners but you aren't quite sure how to deal with a banked curve or a jump?

Let our professionally trained guides teach you the right technique to hit every jump and attack every banked curve right so your adventure in any bike park will be a joyful and fun experience.

€ 55,- / 2.5 hours

  • minimum 3 guests

  • maximum 5 guests




Your kids speak about nothing else than shredding with their new bicycles, but they lack some basic techniques?

Or they are almost fitter than you, and you are struggling to keep up with them?

Our approach to teaching is playful and intuitive. Coming up with the right exercises for their technique when in comes to balancing or braking safely, will let them not only become safer riders but also enjoy their time on the bike much more.

€ 49,- / 2.5 hours

  • minimum 3 guests

  • maximum 5 guests


E-Bike Tours


Ever since you bought your new e-bike, you can access mountains you've only been dreaming of but you don't feel 100% comfortable with the downhill?

Or you want to try uphill flow-trails?

Our competent guides will take you on breathtaking tours and teach you the right technique for the uphills as well to navigate the downhills with confidence and joy.

€ 55,- / 2.5 hours

  • minimum 3 guests

  • maximum 7 guests


Enduro Tours


You love single trails through forests and prefer natural curves to any bike park?

Our customised enduro tours are perfect for everybody who enjoys cycling uphill as well and gets rewarded with pristine trails.

Earn your turns and experience them just for yourself.

With our guides, you won't get lost or have to check a map all the time.

Simply ride and enjoy – we take care of everything else.

€ 55,- / 2.5 hours

  • minimum 3 guests

  • maximum 5 guests

Privat Guiding
Enter the Bikepark
Little Shredder
E-Bike Touren
Enduro Touren
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